You Give Birth, You Win Every Argument, EVER

Husband: Who’s driving tonight?

Me: You are

H: Right. Is this up for discussion at all?

M: No

H: Why not?

M: Because I pushed two babies out of my vagina*

H: Umm, the whole stretched vagina* thing, is that always going to beat anything I do

M: One: If you remember rightly – and I suggest you do – it wasn’t just stretched, it was torn. Two: Yes. Yes it is

H: And is there anything that I could do in the future that could maybe change that rule?

M: Push two babies out of your vagina*?

H: Right. And then you’ll drive?

M: No. Then we’ll take it in turns.

* this is totally how me and my husband refer to our ‘bits’. We’re very formal you see – all ‘penis this’ and ‘vagina that’. No sniff of a ‘minky’ in our house. ‘Spam sword’? Plain childish. ‘Mucky love burrito’? Do grow up……


3 thoughts on “You Give Birth, You Win Every Argument, EVER

  1. Matt Cox says:

    Love it! Only a parent would get this conversation!!

  2. I don’t kow if you watch Grey’s Anatomy, but on the show they called it the “Extra Special Vagina Vote” it’s very useful even for woman who don’t have children yet.

    You get a vote, he gets a vote and then you get the extra special vagina vote. Which means you win. And if he doesn’t like it, the Extra Special Vagina Vote can also be used to vote him off the vagina island until he does what you say. 🙂

    It’s very effective when used wisely.

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