…the artist formerly known as Abby, now going by the name of ‘mummy’. Or ‘MUMMYMUMMYMUMMY’ depending on how urgently my children need me to come check out the latest carnage they’ve created in the short space of time I’ve been on the loo. Love my kids. Love being a mum? Not so much. Trapped out in the sticks with a bunch of other mums who make Mary Poppins look like a bitch. These women spend their lives competing for the Supermother crown. I lag behind, sometimes trying to blag my way into their gang, other times doing everything in my power to wind them up. Trying to save myself from Stepford by blogging about my mental, maternal life. Please be nice, I am doing my best….


36 thoughts on “About

  1. Eloisa says:

    Love it! Kep going!
    I suffered from this “maladie” when I lived there.
    I am so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeased I don’t have this “little problem” over here: they all seem very normal – by comparison!
    Steping out of this fase, and soon throwing myself into full time training/working single mum!
    More palatable to the job market!
    This carries guilt too, because they won’t have the luxury of having me 24/7 available to do stuff for and after them: they have to learn to do it for themselves!
    Ouch, this is going to hurt!
    I am gonna do the whole “working thing” the other way round, back to front, starting mid-life!
    Help! Any suggestions?? Advice??

  2. Eloisa says:

    Oooops, forgot to spell check:

    Keep, instead of kep!
    Phase, instead of fase!
    Stepping, instead of steping! OMG!
    Any more??

    Perfectionist! But not as “a mum”!

    • Ha! No time for luxuries like spellcheck! Thanks for the message – always nice to hear that other mums experience the same worries – women need to talk about this more, rather than putting too much time and energy into competing with each other for the Supermum title! Great to hear you’re going back to work, not to mention VERY jealous too. Finding something that fits around the kids and is affordable in terms of childcare is tricky so well done to you for figuring it all out and going for it. Your kids will love you for it too, I’m sure – it’s good for them to spend time with others, plus they’ll totally lookup to you and your work ethic when older I imagine? Anyway, good luck and thanks again for the comments x

  3. Love your blog! I feel the same-always. Honestly, I am a failed domestic goddess amongst other things. x

  4. Ha ha, you’re funny. Love that you ‘blag’ your way into their gang.

  5. Alicia says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed waiting for the dentist and reading a few of your posts. You and I have very similar views on most things – gina ford, Pantomime parenting and Kirsten allsopp being just a few. It is lovely to find someone like minded and I have now become a follower so I look forward to reading more – although I’m slightly miffed that I think you do it a little better than me but I shall try not to let it bother me. Happy to have found you, Alicia aka Motherandotherofse23 x

    • thanks so much – pantomime parenting is a fantastic phrase! the reason I started this blog is because I had a lot of days where I felt very on my own in terms of parenting/how I see being a mum, so hearing that there are likeminded people out there is lovely. not to mention reassuring that maybe I’m not this freak of maternal nature after all x

  6. Fiona says:

    Glad to have found you…

  7. You are my new favorite blogger! I literally have tears streaming down my face! You are like the British me – except I don’t have kids..yet…did anyone else here that “Duh Duh Duh” sound?

  8. god you are funny! brilliant, briliant!!!mwah, mwah…

  9. Mammasaurus says:

    I neeeeed you woman… can you email me – annie.sandra.spratt@gmail.com ?

  10. Lisa says:

    Can I be your mate please? We are all too similar.

  11. Hello Up Yours. I found your site via your Liebster award nomination at http://adventuresofamiddle-agedmatron.blogspot.com/

    I had to Google to double-check who Gina Ford was. I was thinking of either Gloria Hunniford or some ex-page 3 model who made a brief appearance in a Harry Enfield sketch with Lesley Ash.

    I read your post about being on the train. You are, without a doubt, proper insane.

    Which makes for entertaining reading. Yay!

    • Hooray!
      Insane? Maybe. But what if I’m not and what if everyone else is? Hey? Bet you didn’t think of that did you?

      P.s. if that is the case, I predict the world will more than likely end quite soon

  12. What a fantastic blog… very funny and honest. Really had to dig deep to find people who write like you. Witty without being self-depricating, and very familiar. Bravo!

  13. Love this blog. Well done! My blog doesn’t have such a blatantly obvious dig at the not so great GF but is why I chose my blog title! As soon as I saw her book I immediately thought sod the contented baby, what about the discontented mother desperately trying to fit in with this oh so perfect routine. Sadly my children can not be trained and I too am a failed mummy!!!! I think there are more of us ‘normal’ types around than we think!

    • Thanks for commenting! I just find the whole pressure to subscribe to a certain way of parenting, especially one that is so limiting when your life has already been turned on its head with the arrival of a new baby, really ridiculous. Anyway, mini rant: over. Thanks again lovely x

  14. Awarding you the Liebster Award – I love your blog and it makes me laugh out loud. Which is better than swearing out loud when you have lots of Little People biting your ankles all day. 😀

  15. Just read your post about being back at work. made me laugh at loud, especially your oc nversation with the SW trains ticket man – been there. The Husband is also working from home today and thinks i am acting very oddly with all this sniggering at the laptop instead of swearing (kids are at school). Anyway, I should be working instead of blogging, but I am just going to click to follow…

  16. yummystepmummy says:

    Hello! I just ‘stumbled’ across your blog through someone else’s and have been chuckling into my wine for the past hour! my hubs thinks I am mad but I think your blog is fab! Glad I found it!
    Amy x (yummystepmummy)

  17. SRB says:

    Bloody hilarious…and very honest. I’m with you all the way…

  18. rachellplatt says:

    Just read through your blog – made me laugh at loud in places. Good luck with your job, I’ll be following your progress!

  19. Jacqui says:

    I love you, you are FUCKING hilarious! Thank you so much for proving that profanity and articulate-cy (fuck…) are by no means mutually exclusive, particularly as a mother when there is this primal need to swear every fucking minute ones children are out of earshot and why do people have to be so fucking uptight about it, it’s not like one is swearing AT them… generally XXX
    – I do realise there is a lot more to you than this and it’s all good but just that’s a bit of an interior soapbox.

  20. I have just found your blog……THANK YOU! At last I am not alone! I once went to a friends house who was struggling with baby blues and at her wits end. I walked in, saw a copy of Gina Ford on the arm of the chair, opened the nearest window, thew it out and pronounced her problems over. I feel we may have been separated at birth! HA ha. Keep it coming, it’s refreshing and awesome!

    Sally x

  21. Nick Donnelly says:

    Love your blog and your tweets. So funny and so sharp and very poignant too. Came across you and SAHD and mummy never sleeps and even though I don’t have kids, I think I’d parent you guys! Great your blogging about depression – I’ve had it 20+ yrs and I’m managing it well. good luck and keep em coming .Nick

  22. gringo says:

    Knowing me knowing you – Ahhaaa!!! V refreshing to see your comments peppered with random humour, add some League of gentlemen. Many thanks.

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